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  • Toplotna pumpa MD 200D

Toplotna pumpa MD 200D

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Specifications for  EVI heat pump  with  R407C/R404A
Model MD200D
Power supply 380
Heating  Capacity kw 76
Input kw 19
Cooling  Capacity kw 55
Input kw 17.6
Rated current  A 35
Started current    240
Compressor Model   ZW61KSE-TFP-542(×4)
Type   Scroll
Brand   Copeland
Rated current A 8.4 (x4)
Locked rotor amp A 56 (x4)
Thermal protector   Inner
Refrigerant oil L POE-1770 (x4)
Water flow  L/H 22000
Tthrottle "Emerson" Thermal expansion valve
Noise Db 70
Refrigerant Type R407C/R404A
kg 11.2
Pipe Size DN 50
Water pepe of Interface   Internal thread(copper)  
Condenser   Double-pipe heat exchanger
Dimension mm 1990*980*2080
Weight  Kg 640
Rated outlet water temp  55
Outlet water Max temp  60
Leve of security   IP×4
Electric shock protection grade   1 Grade
Evaporator Internal thread copper pipe and wave hydrophite aluminum foil
Air temperature Heating: -25~45℃
Cooling: 10~45℃
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